Richard Ayoade attempts to complete a quote by Mick Jagger on “Was It Something I Said?” (watch it here)

"You had to talk to Thompson, huh? Down in fucking Havana!"
"What should I have done?"
"Gee, maybe not fucking talk to him!?"



when snape realizes he’s dying he doesn’t care, in fact he’s happy because he knows in just a moment he’ll see lily again

but to his great dismay he’s greeted instead by none other than james potter

who promptly envelopes him in an awkward but genuine hug and says with a hoarse voice, “thank you for taking care of my son”

#and then lily shouts from off in the distance   #’BUT YOU DIDNT HAVE TO TREAT HIM LIKE SHIT YOU PIECE OF TRASH’



My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!

happy anniversary of the day the fandom died


You are the face of this
                                      r e v o l u t i o n.

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so tonight turned out to be sort of interesting


can we just take a second to think about and appreciate what don’s reaction would be to seeing this ad

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Happy Birthday, Tom Hardy! | 15 September 1977
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I don’t know love. I was built to protect not to love, so there is no use for me other than this.

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Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?

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marion—crane replied to your post: so far gyp and billie have gotten ment…

(pokes head through wormhole) what if margaret mentions richard (disappears into deep space forever, leaving you to ponder this for all eternity)


what if Emily and Teddy mention Richard…

I didn’t AT ALL have hope for a Richard mention this season, but after the Gyp and Billie stuff…?!!??!?

(tbh I almost don’t want him mentioned bc if they just ignore him completely then that fuels my denial and makes it easier to pretend that he made it to Wisconsin yeS HE DID SHUT UP)